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Evrard Vincent
18 ans span>


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+32 495.876.315
rue mandeville 23
4000 Liège


  • Code
    • Javascript
    • Html5
    • Css3
    • Php
    • Sql
    • Java
    • C++
    • Git
  • Visual
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop
    • inDesign
    • Première
    • Final Cut


  • Français
    • Langue maternelle
  • English
    • Intense practice since 18th July 2013



  • 2011 - 2013
    • Interaction developer at Getyoo
      In charge of research and developement of intercative kiosks. These kiosks are running on Ubuntu and their interactive applications are all based on a homemade "asynchronous-pattern-javascript-engin". These kiosks used to be installed on events as Brussel Motor Show, Walibi, TEDx, Biennale Interieur, and many more. I developed photobooth, videobooth, checkin/out, registration, mediaBrowser, quizz, friendRequest, applicationBrowser... Javascript, Async patern, Ajax, Jquery.js, Processing.js, Raphael.js, Canvas, Bootstrap, Gphoto2, FFserver, FFmpeg, RTP, HTTPS, Apache2, PHP, Cookies hacking, FacebookGraph, TwitterAPI, YoutubeAPI, VimeoAPI , NFC reader, Arduino, Java
    • Sidekick developer at Getyoo
      Research and developement of Getyoo core buisiness web application. This application is running by the MVC Zend Framework. There is a link to report Getyoo activityies. PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, Restful API, Javascript, Jwplayer, Jquery, RTP, HTTPS, Apache2, FacebookGraph, TwitterAPI, Highcharts.js
  • 2010 - 2013
    • Coder for the artist Felix Luque
      Arduino developer to empower DWI-Modular.
      I developed a communication protocol to drive regardless 240 stripes led, dispatched on 10 arduinos. The goal was to drive leds smoothly from slow to fast intensity gradient.
      C++, Arduino UNO, PWM, XBee, Tlc5940.h, avr/wdt.h
      Arduino developer to empower DWI-Chaos-Synth.
      I developed a method to write and read a kind of musical score. The goal was to play X sythetizers through Y potentiometers. I had to read and update potentiometer's position by following prerecorded tracks. The code had to be easily adaptable to update the quantity of synthetizer. The musical score reading had to be asynchronous.
      C++, Arduino MEGA, PWM
      Arduino developer to empower Chapter-I-The-Discovery.
      I had to optimize the wireless data transfert protocol.
      C++, Arduino UNO, PWM, XBee, Tlc5940.h
    • Hacker and Performer at Osica
      I play live hacked game console and visual synthetizers on live music. Sega Mastersystem 2, Nintendo NES, Televisions, Camera
    • Coder and Performer at Killing Screen
      I play live generative visual at every kind of party. Processing, ENTTEC DMX USB Pro, MIDI Control, Kinect, dmxP512, OpenCV, OpenGL, GLGraphics, GSVideo, ControlP5, Sound analysis
    • Coder and Performer at Union by motion
      Designer, developer and performer of generative / live / interactive video installation. We were rewarded by the Clust'Art and the Zoom Jeune prices. Processing, ENTTEC DMX USB Pro, MIDI Control, dmxP512, Sound analysis
    • Artist at OGRE
      Backspace | It's an anti/auto-biography. The idea is to catch every typographic characters deleted by the backspace key on your keyboards. And the goal is to print books from this material.
      Regard | Two tall mirrored columns are looking each other in an infinite reflection. In their own each of them holds a camera and a screen.
      Aphrogenea | This sculpture is composed of a glass box filled with a transparent liquid, and a computer. The computer screen is immersed in oil. A digital bubble is displayed, it grows and reaches the top side of the screen, then it turns into a real bubble going up to the oil surface.
      Datawallet | It's the web marketplace where you can sell your own private data. Cash Back Your Data !
      Cube | A big movable transparent cube. Each moves self trigger an inside camera. A description is available here and a website display all pictures captured by the cube there.
      Influenza/Twitter | Influenza and Twitter are the same phenomene. This is the magic revelation book.
  • 2010/2011/2013
    • Invited artist at PIAS NITE
      Realisation of a large ground projection with autogenerated patterns by peoples. Processing, OpenCV
      Transformation of devices such as flash lights, confetti machine, buzzer... into interactives games with RFID readers. Processing, Arduino, ACS acr122 NFC reader, API Getyoo
      Realisation of a very old school Nintendo NES remote, completely playable. Nintendo NES, Grundig radio
  • 2010
    • Invited artist and developer at iMAL
      Processing developer of a giant lowRes screen. I had to develope a Processing library to turn any graphical application into 6x3 pixels resolution and send each pixels color on a DMX array to drive RGB light spots.. Processing, LanBox LCE, dmxP512, UDP
    • Film maker at iMAL
      The result is here